Proven Methods

Everyday somebody comes up with a new miracle method.  I use tried and true methods that have been proven, and work.

Motivation 24/7

When your spirits are down and you feel doubtful, I am only a phone call away, if we are not already together training in person.

Diet and supplement guidance

I don’t believe in the phony latest fad that we see on TV or somebody’s new book.  Some of the claims that people make should put them in jail for fraud.  Sometimes a breakthrough is made but are few and far between.

I never give up on you!

When you begin to slip or fail, I will be there to get you back on track.

I’m not in this to get filthy rich

I try to be fair and sensible with my rates.  I went thru a lot of hours sitting in College getting trained and want to share that at a fair rate.  Part of my reward is seeing you succeed.

I keep my training style on a business atmosphere

If you want someone to babysit; I’m not it.  During the 29 years I’ve been training, I’ve heard all the excuses, and seen the tears and heart throbbing stories.  I can spot the real and the phony.  When you need me I’ll catch you, and when you blow smoke I’ll be the proverbial Brick Wall and tell you to just Get with It.